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Hi! Thanks for visiting my site, I want to personally welcome you. My name is Ilana and I'm a creative by day and comedian by night.

I've always had a strong passion for photography and video, so I'm extremely grateful to do what I love every day. 

What makes my work so great is the people I work with and relationships I build. Whether you need content for your personal brand, social media, or website - I make it my goal to make sure your experience is personable and exceptional.


I'm here for you and I'm ready to help tell your story.

My Work

I specialize in personal branding and
also work as a video director and stop motion artist. 

My bread and butter, however, is personal branding. I absolutely love directing my clients and making their personalities pop visually. In addition to still images,  I've developed "Moving Portraits" which are essentially like GIFs. Instead of just a photo, it is a series of burst photographs capturing you doing an activity that are edited together to create a stop motion video as a portrait. This style really shows off who you are and is highly engaging content!

Check out my work and what we can accomplish together.

My Process

So we're working together? Amazing!

Let me shed some light on what to 


1. The Brand Sheet. 

I will send you a worksheet with some
questions that will help me understand you and your brand better. This way, I can better brainstorm ideas
for our shoot(s) and get to know you.

2. The Consultation

We will hop on the phone or zoom so we can go over some concepts together and you can get to know me more as well. If you haven't already told me what packages/shoots you want, we can decide together what is best for you and we'll book it in the 

3. The Prep

I will make sure to prep anything that
is needed pre-shoot as well as make

sure you know what to wear, bring, 
and have ready!


4. The Shoot

This is the fun part! You should not stress or worry at all as everything

will be prepped and ready. I will be 

directing and guiding the process/you

the entire time. It will be a blast!


5. The Deliverables

Depending on the project, you'll
receive all deliverables 2-4 weeks
post shoot(s) through WeTransfer. 



I have a creative studio located in Downtown Hoboken, NJ and I also shoot on location (so you can come to me, I can come to you, or we can location scout depending on the project).

My Studio:  

It is a beautiful studio with large
windows, providing opportunity for natural lighting indoors. The studio is equipped with professional studio strobe and continuous lighting, so I have an array of creative lighting options depending on the looks we are going for. It 
is a two minute walk to the PATH, which makes commuting from NYC convenient. 

I am right by a street that connects 

to a cobblestone alleyway offering

different colors, textures, and depth

It makes you feel as if you are in NYC without all the hassle of shooting in NYC (people traffic, vehicle traffic, loud noise). 

My studio is stocked with cold water,

iced tea, snacks, and coffee (but I
am right next to a Starbucks and near
a couple coffee shops!). 


Downtown Hoboken is a great place
to shoot around as well - we get the 
NYC skyline, parks, and a variety of 
different streets with colorful walls, tables and shops.  



51 Newark St, Hoboken, NJ



To see rate and to see services that 
can be booked, scroll down.

Below I've outlined the types of Packages/shoots. 


Personal Branding

Hair/Makeup complimentary

  • Brand Photoshoot 

  • Brand Video 

  • Video Content (cut for social)

Headshot Session

  • Express Headshots (1 hr)

  • Full Headshot Session (3 hr, Hair/Makeup complimentary)

Social Media Content

I make it easy for you to get content for you and/or your business!

  • Monthly Content Plans

  • One-off Shoots

Social Ads 

  • "Shareable Ads": ​I'll create the concept, script it out, direct the video, and edit. I partner with a DP and Producer as well as work with a team to create a well crafted ad spot. 

  • Stop Motion: bringing your product to life by crafting together
    engaging pieces of content through stop motion



Contact Me

51 Newark Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030 

  Tel: 973-590-1358

Thanks for submitting!