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Instagram Feed

  • Designed a cohesive brand aesthetic, bringing the look, feel & personality of Millburn Deli into their Instagram feed

  • Produced 40 pieces of strategic content per month, triggering positive audience actions (post engagements, brand awareness, more visits/loyalty)

  • In just the first 2 months, raised visibility from 12,000 impressions to 40,000

  • Maintained a 50% above average engagement ROI according to 2019 statistics


Instagram Stories

  • Problem: Millburn Deli only shared post that they were tagged in on their stories. There was no original content. 

  • Research: Millburn Deli's audience is made up of younger millenials and Gen Z. This age range responds well to interactive games - polls, quizzes, challenges. 

  • Solution: Develop original challenges and games for Millburn Deli's audience to play

  • Result averaging a 50% engagement rate that shows a high volume of responses. 

Quarantine Cockstails

  • Problem: We are all bored at home and can't experience the deli in person!

  • Solution: Let's give people something to interact with the deli from home by providing them a recipe to create cocktails with the Millburn Deli Iced Tea!

  • Result increased iced tea sales and shares!

Episodic Segements

  • Built out weekly video segments to post on IGTV and Facebook

  • The engagement rate for the MEGA sandwich video was over 40% on Instagram and over 30% on Facebook

Shareable Content


  • The Millburn Deli Milkshake created buzz on the deli's Instagram. 

  • With 420 shares, it was the most shared piece of content so far on the deli's page

  • All engagement (above 60%) was 100% organic. 


  • The Millburn Deli Mega Sandwich created hype!

  • With over 250 shares and requests to order the sandwich, it is fair to say that this segment increased brand interest and loyalty!

Delish Food Pics & Video