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Bar & Bat & B'nai Mitzvah Videos



What makes you different? 

Three things make me different.


1. I believe every Bar/Bat Mitzvah is different. I don't have the same cookie cutter approach. I understand that each family wants something fabulous and unique to match the aesthetic and theme of their event. 


2. I'm coming from a background in creative advertising. I have an artistic vision and want to make your video more of a story rather than just a montage of clips. I use cinematic techniques to give your video style, variety, and edge. You should never get bored watching a video that showcases one of the best days of your life! 

3. I'm a comedian. I'm not your standard videographer that's hidden behind the camera. Having a good rapport with people is key to nailing some awesome shots. A great video is more than just the camera. It's the person behind it and in front of it. Let's work together!

Do you do consultations?


Of course! It's so important to me to really understand your event and get to know you. Hopping on the phone for 30 minutes or even meeting in person, if you prefer, to discuss the event helps me to understand the moments I'll be capturing, your visions, and what style/tone I should prep for. 

What's your turnaround time?

It depends on which package you choose. 

The Simple Package: 2-3 days

The Perfect Package: 1 week

The Ultimate Package: 2 weeks

What Package is your favorite?

Personally, my favorite package is  "The Perfect Package." It's perfect to share on social media and I'm a fan of watching the best moments! Plus, you do get the raw footage! 

How do you organize raw footage?

I pick out all the footage that looks good in camera and then I organize them in folders by category such as "The Dance," "Entrances," "Cocktail Hour," "Dancing," "Candle Lighting," and "The Hoorah." You'll receive all the footage on a USB drive. 

How should I pay?


The first payment will be your deposit of $200, which will be paid when you book online after we have spoken and confirmed a date. 24 hours after the day of your event, you will need to pay the rest of your package rate.