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You are a...



What's your style?

It's all about personality. It doesn't matter if you are the most serious actor in the world or a comedian, casting directors want to see YOU. I want to loosen you up, show who you are, capture the best moments, and just have fun. The purpose of a headshot session is to build your brand. It goes beyond the "that's the one!" headshot (which you will get). Let's show who YOU are. I do this with both photography & video. 

What makes you different? 


Two things:

1. I'm a comedian. I'm a performer. I GET IT. I've been through a 4 hour headshot session. I've researched photographers. I know what you are looking for and how to help build your brand (I also come from an advertising background).


2. Video is included in my packages. Video is so prevalent in social media and on websites. It's imperative that not only you have photographic headshots, but we have moving portraits that show your personality. These can be turned into GIPHS, features on social, uploaded to your website. It's new and different. Let's do it. 

Why video? What if I don't want video?

I offer video because I can do video. I have six years of video experience and coming from the advertising world, I understand that video is prevalent in today's media. I'm trying to get your brand ahead of the game. Think moving headshot. When casting directors or talent scouts go to your website, not only will they see still images, but they will see you in motion! Your personality and looks will show even more. If you don't want video, we don't need to do that! If you do, the option is there!

Should I prepare for my headshots? 

100%. During our consultation, I will  guide you on how you can best be prepared for your headshots. You should think of celebrities you like that resemble your style, practice poses and facial expressions, and know what clothes look best on you. Think about props you want to bring to play with. Props help so much with personality and create some awesome portraits. 

The 4 hour session seems like a lot of time...are we going to need all that? 

My time I spend shooting with you is up to 4 hours. We are not shooting straight for that period of time. It's really to get organized, set up your outfits, take our time, and have fun/be comfortable. We don't want to rush headshots. This is the content that shows off your brand. 4 hours will give us plenty of time to get what we need done. If we finish early that's fine!

Do you have a shorter headshot option?

Yes. If you are super busy, I do have a "fast" shoot option that can be anywhere from 15 minutes - 2 hours long. 

I'm a student and I'm broke! Can you help?

Absolutely! I have a student deal for a 1 hour headshot session, two outfit changes, and outdoor only for $250. This is perfect for any performer or professional.  

When and how do I get my headshots?

I will provide you with a private password protected webpage to my website with all your high resolution headshots that you can easily download and share.  

Do you do touch ups?

I lightly edit and retouch all pictures. If there is a picture you want to print as your "headshot" that you're bringing into casting directors, I will further edit that one for free and format it as necessary so it prints nicely. If you have more than one picture that needs complex edits, I charge $15 per picture. 

Where do you shoot?


I shoot both in NJ & NYC. I use a studio in Montclair, NJ called Studio Time which is a beautiful and chill atmosphere. In NYC, there are a few more studio options so I rather match your needs to a studio that will best handle what we are going for (modeling/acting/comedy)! When we shoot outside, I use a location near each studio. 

What is your cancelation policy?


Once you have paid your deposit, it's non-refundable. You have until 48 hours before the day of your shoot to cancel or switch the day of your shoot if needed (must reschedule within 30 days). If you cancel the day of your shoot/don't show up, you will not receive a refund as I need to pay for my time and resources that day. 


What if the weather is bad!

We will talk, but we can either reschedule your full shoot or do an indoor shoot and reschedule an outdoor shoot for another time.


How do I pay?


Your first payment will be a non-refundable deposit of $200. You need to pay that in order to reserve a shoot date. If you are not canceling or switching the day of your shoot, you must pay the rest of the package rate 48 hours before your shoot day. If your shoot is on a Wednesday at 2pm, you need to pay the remainder of the shoot price no later than Monday at 2pm.