KB Makeup

Instagram Transformation

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Problems (before)

  • No Leads on Instagram

  • Low Engagement

  • Feed looked like it could
    be for an event planner or photographer

Results (after)

  • 95% follower growth

  • Created Highlights for Stories to stay relevant

  • In month three, received 4 leads

  • Developed a strong brand aesthetic 

  • Reached 3,243 impressions within two weeks in month 3

The Research

  • Competitors are just posting picture of brides only 

  • Meanwhile, larger makeup/hair brands are engaging their audience in more dynamic ways: products, tips, and makeup/hair looks

The Solution

​Create 5 different relevant content themes to rotate through in order to create a dynamic and engaging page. See below:

1. 360 Looks

Purpose: these videos are more than just pictures. They show the full makeup and hair look in a captivating way!

2. Mini Movies

Purpose: wedding films are so popular in the industry. Let's do the same with makeup/hair. This provides the opportunity to tag multiple people. This content is emotional so people are more willing to share/like/comment.

3. Up Close Moments 

Purpose: showing an up close look of he process or product used to share details with audience.

4. Insight & Inform

Purpose: connect with the audience through inspiration, quotes, and product suggestions. These pieces of content 

were posted every other posting day to add a white airy look to the page and create a styled pattern.

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5. Bride Photo

Purpose: a beautiful photo of a full look of bride, sometimes simple is best.