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Instagram Feed


Millburn Deli's Instagram needed a revamp. Their original feed lacked character, strategy and their images were bland. In result, they had a small, unengaged following. Here is the breakdown of what we accomplished:

  • Designed a cohesive brand aesthetic, incorporating their personality and colors into their feed. 

  • Developed a content strategy and produced 40 pieces of content per month (video, memes, photography, original GIFs), triggering positive audience actions (engagement, brand awareness, visits, and sales) 

  • In just the first 2 months, raised visibility from 12,000 impressions to 40,000

  • Maintained a 50% above average engagement ROI according to 2019-2020 statistics 

  • Lead social media strategy and built hype for the second location of Millburn Deli opening up in Morristown, NJ 


Text Cards/Memes



Sandwich Menu Photography