Millburn Deli Morristown Opening 

Video Ad | Social Media


Building Hype - Pre Launch Video 

Ask: We needed to slowly let Millburn Deli's audience know that they are opening a second location, but build the suspense.

Solution: Slowly  drop hints that another location may open. We use Instagram to drive hype through a series of cryptic posts.

Launch Video Ad "Can I Have Two"

Ask: Millburn Deli was opening an outpost in Morristown, NJ. The popular NJ deli is well known in Millburn, NJ. It's been their only location for over 25 years. They needed a launch video that would run as an ad for their opening.


Solution: Create a :60 launch video that would also run as an ad to sustain the hype that puts a spin on the idea of customers ordering two of something (two order of different sandwiches as well as placing an order for two Millburn Delis). In about five minutes, an employee makes those wishes come true by building the second location in Morristown.

Can I Have Two?

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