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When you built your business you put your all into it.

Don't let your image 

I work with a strategic approach to any piece of content you need. Great for Instagram, Facebook & Youtube.

You can get photo & video services by a per project basis OR you can sign on monthly (6 months) to get guaranteed month to month content & support at a discounted rate. 

Social Media & Content Services


Photo & Video Content 

This package is the ULTIMATE branding package which combines all services below for a discounted rate! Perfect for professionals and businesses are ready to take their branding by storm!

Brand Photoshoot 
Need to show who you are through captivating imagery? This is perfect for anyone who needs to represent themselves on social media, websites, casting directors, and more!​ 

  • ​Lifestyle

  • Headshots & Portraits

  • Products

  • Events/Classes if applicable

  • Creative Ad

I do bring in a makeup artist/hair stylist​ as well as a fashion stylist (if needed). 

Brand Video Shoot 
Need to brand or advertise yourself through video?  Make your business stand out and your audience connect.

  • Banner videos 

  • Creative Ad

  • Promotional 

  • Recap 

  • Brand video for website (lifestyle/documentary)​ 

I do bring in a makeup artist/hair stylist​ as well as a fashion stylist (if needed). Extra fees for each, but I highly recommend using them. 



Stop Motion 

Portraits & Stills

Graphic Design


Short Form

Brand Video

Video Ad


Social Strategy

Competitor research/analysis


Content Strategy Development


Content Ideation


Post copy

Editing Blogs 

Media Management

ROI & Insights Reporting


Community Management


Follower Growth


Want to learn how​ to better your digital presence yourself? I'm here to coach you. 

Coaching & Consulting

Monthly Packages

Monthly Bundle Plans

Creative Strategy Consulting
5-10 hrs/month of Coaching & Consulting

Basic Design & Editing  

Monthly support editing photos & designs

Up to 10 hrs/month

Creative Photography  

15-30+ pieces of content per month

Up to 20 hrs/month

Video Package 

3-4 short form videos per month ​for 1 rate!

Up to 30 hrs/month

Video + Creative Photo  

2-3 short form videos per month & 15+ pieces of photo content

Up to 40 hrs/month

Please note that Social Strategy & Copywriting are included in all packages. Media Management is an additional monthly fee if needed. 

Let's get to know each other and talk about how we can work together.
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Frequently Asked Questions



Do you have a case study from past work so I can see what you do?

Yes! Click here!

Why would I want a month-to-month social media plan?

Easy answer: you will not be alone in this social media game anymore. Put the load on me. You do enough. Go grow your business while I grow your social media.

If you need social media support month-to-month, then signing on to a monthly bundle plan is the best way to go to make sure your content is consistently flowing! This guarantees that you will have a strong brand aesthetic and promote brand loyalty for your business. 

Do I receive all social media services with any monthly bundle?

Yes! All services listed above can be used for any monthly bundle you pick. Whatever services are more important during a particular month is what will be used the most with your hours. We will discuss priority of services needed when we discuss what plan is best.  

What if I just want to make my own content and just need guidance ?

That's totally doable! If you need guidance you can get any monthly bundle plan and allocate all hours to coaching & consulting services. I will be your mentor, coach, and teacher. I will ask you thought provoking questions to get you thinking and hold you accountable to all deadlines and tasks. I will advise you on the best tools to get as well as equipment if needed. 

Is the money I want to spend for Paid Ads covered in these packages ?

Any money involved to promote content on Facebook or Instagram as an ad is an extra business expense and therefore not covered by the rates of these monthly bundles. I do help guide you in the creation and management of your paid ad strategy. 

How do I know what monthly bundle is best for me?

That really depends on what you need. Together, we will discuss your goals and how much social media support and services you need. Based on your goals and needs, I will recommend a monthly bundle. 

How does the plan work?

Each monthly plan  (micro, small, medium, large, ultimate) has a contractual term of 6 months. Any business owner and professional should understand that it takes at least 6 months to fully see strong results. At the beginning of the first month, we will discuss your needs and plan specific goals to hit throughout the 6 month term. Month 1 is mainly research and refining your social media strategy.  The research and strategic planning during month 1 is necessary and sets the foundation for how we approach your content creation and growth strategies. 


Around month 3, you will notice more activity and really see your social media begin to transform. At that point, we will have a half way term check in. During our half way term check in and our final month meeting, I will go over all reports, insights, and results from the prior months as well as come up with new ideas for areas of development and improvement.

Soooo....I like everything about this, but I'm just not ready to sign on yet! I still want content so what do I do?

That is totally fine if you are not ready to sign on monthly! If you want a batch content for a finite project, you can book by per project. 

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