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Ask: Website had no images of facility.

Solution: Lifestyle photoshoot of facility.

Don't Play Doctor Social Media Ad Spot

Problem: Studies show that people don't feel safe in a Doctor's waiting room during COVID so they hesitate to seek help for colds, flu, or even COVID. VirtiMD is a medical startup with Virtual and Drive-Thru services so people can access safe and convenient medical care. VirtiMD is not well known yet.

Ask: They want to show that people shouldn't assume what illness they have and deal with it themselves from home. Instead, they should book an appointment safely from home with VirtiMD. They wanted this ad to be funny and relatable to encourage clicks to their website.

Solution: 30 Second comedic ad spot: people did a horrible job cutting their own hair during COVID. If they can't even play "hairdresser" correctly, they definitely shouldn't play "doctor." 

Don't Play "Doctor"

Creative Director + Director: Ilana Saltzman

Producer: Max Saltzman

Director of Photography: Jon Carr

Video Editor: Ilana Saltzman

Copywriter: Ilana Saltzman

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